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           Morning of the Earth (1972) is a beacon of love and light and provides an important portal for us to go on a blissful journey to the idyllic and simple times of the early 1970s - where country soul was life and surfing was too. The film's beautiful imagery and timeless message of unconditional love for the planet has inspired millions around the world and is arguably more relevant today than ever before. The story traces a group of young surfers pioneering virgin waves in Australia, Bali, and Hawaii, shaping their own surfboards, building their own homes and living off the land in harmony with nature. Featuring G. Wayne Thomas’ legendary soundtrack, the first Australian Soundtrack to go Gold, and spectacular surfing sequences from some of the world’s best, Morning of the Earth is a must-see and prerequisite for any surfer and cinephile alike. Currently being meticulously restored and brilliantly remastered in 4K, the film will soon look and sound better than it ever has before and be re-release later this year in its original theatrical aspect ratio. We look forward to celebrating our 50th Year Anniversary with you! 

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